In light of the current COVID-19 situation, our counselors are now also accessible via video face-to-face sessions. Contact your individual counselor to learn more.

Hayley M. King

Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC, NCC
(470) 485-4462


Do you feel unseen or afraid to be seen? Do you hear yourself using "should" and "shouldn't" when it comes to what you think or feel? Do you feel confused about your behaviors or choices because they don't match how you see yourself? Or are you asking, why me? Such experiences can be signs that you may feel stuck, lost, or no longer in control; and wondering how to change your life to feel validated, loved, and accepted. Like anyone else, you want to feel like you are living life on purpose and with purpose.

As your counselor, I can provide you with the safe, supportive space you need to sort through the forms of pain that have been keeping you from living your fullest life. Some of my experience includes work with adolescents and adults struggling with self-esteem, deep trauma, debilitating anxiety and depression, and significantly strained relationships.

You deserve to spend time on yourself and pursue happiness... no really, it's in our Constitution! I want to be the one who helps you to build your own personal compass so that you can go on navigating your own life. I currently have weekend hours open and waiting for you. Oh, and I come with a sense of humor; we are a package deal.


107 Colony Park Drive
Suite 700
Cumming, Georgia 30040